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Golf Club Repairs & Services


Here at Wrag Barn Golf Club we have an extensive workshop which can facilitate any of your club repair needs. Ian and his Team of Professionals can show and help you decide from the vast array of different colours, textures and size of grips supplied by the leading grip manufactures such as GOLFPRIDE,LAMKIN, and SUPERSTROKE we stock. You can have as little as 1 or a full set of regrips turned around and ready for your next game within 48 hours.

The Team at Wrag Barn are also able to adapt your existing golf clubs to help suit you – we can adjust the loft and lie angles of your irons and wedges, using a state of the art, loft and lie bending machine to help suit your stature and ball flight. As well as Loft and Lie Adjustments we can also alter the length of your golf clubs to promote better posture, we can extend or cut down any of the clubs in your bag so they are the correct length for your game.

Golf Ball fitting

Another important factor to consider is the type of ball you use, and its performance though the air, not just on and around the greens. In this session we will test your current golf ball on the GC Quad launch monitor and depending on the spin you are producing we will then test different models of golf balls to help improve control and distance.
Find Your Perfect Ball£35
refunded if you purchase 12 or more of your chosen balls
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