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Golf Tuition

Improve your game with expert golf coaching
and our indoor golf simulator

Our Coaches

Ian Ridsdale

PGA Advanced Professional
Director of Golf

As a qualified PGA Professional Ian Ridsdale teaches all levels of ability from complete beginners to established players.

I would like to encourage anyone thinking of starting the game or players that are struggling with any aspect of their game to book a lesson so that you can enjoy this wonderful game to its full potential.

If you would like to enquire about taking lessons with me, then please get in contact and we can talk about the type of things we can work on together to improve your golf.

David Curl

PGA Professional
Head Professional & Club Fitter

Richard Scarrott

PGA Professional
Head Teaching Professional

Jack Bright

PGA Trainee Assistant Professional

Coaching sessions

30 Minute Lesson
At the beginning of any lesson the difficulties that you might be experiencing with your game are discussed. By watching you hit several shots after you have warmed up, I can evaluate the swing and will be able to diagnose any faults. The lesson then follows a basic framework.

Firstly, I will give you a clear explanation of the faults and show you by using video analysis evidence, accompanied with a demonstration by me to mimic what is happening during your swing. Once you understand the nature of the skill being taught I will help you to incorporate the necessary changes into your swing by the use of drills, exercises and physically going through the movements that we want you to try and adopt.
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Playing lesson (approx 1hr)
Once you have become familiar with the new techniques and can hit the ball with new found confidence, it's time to introduce you to the course.

During a playing lesson on the course we will encounter a range of different lies and playing conditions that I will show you how to make adjustments for, we will also look at course management, etiquette and the rules of the game. During the playing lesson we will both play shots with the aim of developing the way you think your way round the golf course.
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Course of 5 lessons Package
This is an offer whereby you can purchase 5, ½ hour lessons at discounted rate. This course of lessons incorporates all aspects of the game including lessons dedicated to your actual swing and setup technique with both irons and woods.

The remaining sessions will concentrate on your short game including, pitching, bunkers and putting according to your progress through the course of lessons.
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Coaching Prices

 Ian RidsdaleDavid CurlRichard ScarrottJack Bright
30 minute Lesson£35£30£35£28
30 minute Junior Lesson£30£25£30£20
1 hour Playing Lesson£70£60£70£55
5 x 30 minute Lessons Package£160£140£160£125

Indoor Golf Simulator

This lesson experience is like no other. Not only do you get a precise reading of your ball data after each shot, you also get a visual experience as you would outdoors by watching the ball tracer via the GC Quad simulator. Combining this with iPad video analysis and the expertise from out PGA professionals, you are certain to see an improvement.

Lesson Prices

30 minute Lesson£35£40
1 hour Lesson£70£75

Simulation hire

An ideal chance to hone your skills in the comfort of indoors using the GC Quad Launch Monitor & Simulator Practice Range. As on the practice ground outside, you can hit balls with any club and get instant feedback with analytical results.
1 hour hire£40
2 hour hire£75
3 hour hire£110
4 hour hire£145

Yardage Assessment

Know Your Yardages£35
The GC Quad launch monitor will give you a full yardage assessment for each club in your bag. As well as a full print out of all the readings, this information can be sent to you via email, to be used on your mobile device whilst out on the course.

Ball Fitting Session

Find Your Perfect Ball£35
Another important factor to consider is the type of ball you use, and its performance though the air, not just on and around the greens. In this session we will test your current golf ball on the GC Quad launch monitor and depending on the spin you are producing we will then test different models of golf balls to help improve control and distance.
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